Where fresh ice cream and coffee meet.


Locally Sourced and Owned!

Churn & BurnTM uses all-natural ingredients including local roasted coffee, local fresh milk and fresh cream. Ingredients are mixed and processed upon ordering to ensure freshness. There is no added preservatives, colourings and flavourings in our hand crafted ice cream bases. At Churn & Burn, we freeze our ice cream within 2 minutes with the use of Liquid Nitrogen to create a smooth, healthy and perfect-textured ice cream.

Churn (ice cream)
At Churn & Burn
we're all about ice cream and we hand churn our ice cream to give you a unique and hand crafted product like no where else. Choose from our pre-made specialty ice creams by the scoop on a home made cone, or have your own ice cream custom made, right in front of you, in a matter of minutes.

Burn (coffee)
If you're a coffee drinker, we've got that covered. We can make you a fresh espresso drink, or cold brewed coffee, with several syrups and sauces available, and themed specials as well. Our beans are roasted weekly and delivered the next day to give you the best flavor possible.

Churn & Burn (ice cream & coffee)

​If you like coffee AND you like ice cream, you'll LOVE the next treat we have in store for you! It's called the Churn & Burn
TM, and it's best described as an explosion of double freshness that melts in your mouth. Churn & Burns have been known to change the way people see coffee, and have been described as homemade ice cream with a kick. To learn more, check out our Churn & Burn page.


548 S. Oliver Wichita, KS, 67218

homemade ice cream and coffee made with liquid nitorgen frozen in front of customer to ensure freshness. Locally owned and operated