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548 S. Oliver Wichita, KS, 67218

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Churn & BurnTM is a local ice cream and coffee shop that mixes old fashioned recipes with modern technology for a one-of-a-kind experience. Churn & Burn is one part science and one part all-natural quality ingredients. We create unique pairings of coffee and ice cream using local roasters and ingredients to ensure freshness. Our ice cream flavors come from childhood memories and coffee flavors come from what we desire as grown ups. At Churn & Burn, we freeze our ice cream with the use of Liquid Nitrogen to create a fresh, smooth and velvety product when ordered.

Churn (ice cream)
We custom design all our ice cream in house. We use no eggs or preservatives which allows for the cream, milk and flavors to shine, giving you a unique and handcrafted product like no where else. Choose from our pre-made specialty ice creams by the scoop, on a handcrafted cone, or have your own ice cream custom made, right in front of you to give it a velvety texture and the absolute freshness it deserves.

Burn (coffee)
If you're a coffee drinker, we've got that covered. Locally roasted coffee from only the best roasters in the area, drip coffee, pour overs, espresso drink, or cold brew, with over 20 syrups and sauces available.

Churn & Burn (ice cream & coffee)
We are the first in the world to bring this quality of product and freshness to the market. Our signature item, Nothing like you have every had before, fresh espresso and handcrafted cream made after you ordered with the use of liquid nitrogen. To learn more, check out our Churn & Burn page.
homemade cream and coffee made with liquid nitorgen frozen in front of customer to ensure freshness. Locally owned and operated Wichita Kansas. Locally roasted espresso beans, 2 locations 11414 E. Central and 548 S. Oliver